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International Youth Leadership Program

International Youth Leadership (IYL) gives the participants reference to gain scholarship and gain recommendations for jobs.


This is an internship program with The World in America that provides students with the tools to create educational and cultural programs oriented towards the international community. Our mission is to educate locally and think globally, to build intercultural bridges for unity, harmony, peace and understanding in our global community, by networking and connecting with people from around the world. For students with an interest in seeing the world, connecting with youth from other nations and having more of a global awareness. This is a great opportunity for career development and to start working as a professional in the business world.


  • Travel abroad for cultural exchange
  • Organize international delegation projects
  • Doing career training through networking with local professionals
  • Coordinating multicultural events, festivals and concerts
  • To be part of a dynamic international summer camp and much more
  • Network between students ( Universities, Colleges, High Schools ).

IYL is opening a dialog regards concern issues affecting our future, includes but not limited to

  • Pandemic Health
  • Issues Environment and Pollution Issues
  • Human Rights Issues