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Our Mission

To build bridges of peace, unity, harmony, and understanding. 

The World in America (TWIA), LLC, was founded in 2016. It’s a multimedia/multicultural company featuring the beauty and diversity among the people in the USA and building better relations with other nations.

About Nada dalgamouni (CEO/Founder)

An extraordinary human with an extraordinary story

Ms. Dalgamouni is a two time Nobel Peace Prize nominee, she specializes in global education and cultural awareness programs. She has worked three strenuous decades as the global education director for the International Institute of Metropolitan Detroit. IIMD has been serving Michigan in immigration social services and global education for 100 years. During her time working at the IIMD Ms. Dalgamouni has worked with a team of 420 facilitators implementing global learning and cultural awareness programs. She is a consultant for global and cultural matters, a peace activist and advocate for children’s rights. She has been traveling to many countries to help in coordinating festivals, special events and youth camps.

Our Core Values

Celebrating the beauty that is you.

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