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Professional career replacement

Scouting Professional Talents

  • Professional Career Replacement
  • Talent Acquisition
  • We help Companies to get Professional talents from around the world.
  • TWIA is Capable of helping Companies to settle there employees in the new location.
  • TWIA is capable of finding positions for Professionals in America and helping companies to bring and settle their employees to the new location.

About The Ambassadors

This program is a group of Michigan International Professionals that are first or second generation Americans from different cultural background. By sharing their cultural heritage with the public they educate them about their roots. Their mission is to strengthen the relationship between different cultural communities in order for us to learn about one another. They work together to build a better world through peaceful communities.

The goal is clear.

To highlight the beauty of America as a “Nation of Nationalities.” Our focus is to work together in order to channel similar goals/objectives and focus on the importance of global education. Those distinguished individuals and/or groups are sharing their beauty of their culture and adding to our amazing diversity. Together we change the quality of life in our global community. They help in facilitating The World in America programs for audience of all ages and backgrounds.





Michigan international professional club

Michigan International Professionals (MIP) are a group of ambassadors. They are also business owners that are part of many different corporations, institutions and organizations. They meet after work, the last Thursday of each month to network, have dinner and enjoy cultural dance/music.

The group’s members are nominated by a current member and have two good references. MIP meet at Adonis Restaurant and Banquet Facility, located at 4853 Schaefer Rd, Dearborn MI. The mission of the group is to build bridges of harmony, unity, peace and understanding within our global community while they develop their business. 

“Life’s worth living when you’re around rich culture.”

– Nada Dalgamouni

Two major trips for MIP members are planned already, the first is for March 25th – April 3rd, 2019, during Easter Holiday as delegation representatives for Goodwill. Many members from different cultural backgrounds with enjoy “The Triangle of the World” a trip to Spain and Morocco with one day in New York. The second trip is “MI-HI 2020” where Michiganders and Hawaiian artists will present The World in America with two concerts to benefit the Aloha Shriner and one of Michigan’s Children’s Hospitals.