around the world summer day camp

Global Journey summer day camp presented by IIMD

Celebrate the World

This is an exciting opportunity for all campers to socialize, interact, explore and learn about our ever-changing world!

Museums and feild trips

Sports, performing arts, visits to ethic communities, museums, libraries, historic buildings and Youth Day at Bell Isle!

Camp Facilitators

Lessons from international educators that will provide children with comprehensive insight on the global community!

Arts & Crafts

Promoting global diversity by providing children with the tools to craft and create cultural momentos!

Camp dates: June 24th-August 9th. Mon-Fri 10pm to 3pm

All summer long, campers experience fun and educational activities such as

Hands-on Global Arts & Crafts Activities, ethnic Lunches, Etiquette Training, interactive cultural presentations, sports, performing arts, Folk/National Games, basic communication in Several of the World’s Languages, visits to ethic communities, museums, libraries, historic buildings and Youth Day at Bell Isle. 

Camp Objectives.


To prepare young people to become citizens of the World and ambassadors of peace.


To help them learn the importance of protecting the planet.


Learn how to build bridges of harmony, unity, peace and understanding.

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We have many convenient plans tailored for your needs and availability. Let’s create a better tomorrow by teaching the future pioneers today. 


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Frequently asked questions

Yes, this will be provided a lunch in the middle of the day so make sure they have breakfast before arriving. Please provide snacks and drinks incase you child is a picky eater. 

They are educated professionals and speakers from all around the world. They provide a look into other culture’s customs and traditions: interactions with languages, games, music and dance.  

With children in mind, Yes! IIMD is a handicap accessible establishment with equal opportunity for every child. We have enough mentors and staff to give your child the exact amount of attention they need in order to have a fun time. 

The staff that will be in charge of taking care of your loved ones are IIMD employees led by Nada Dalgamouni the global education director for 3 decades, with hundreds of awards and Nobel peace prize nomination. Presenters from ethic communities, college students and International youth leaders. There will always be adult supervision on all activities and trips. 

We offer supervised early drop off in the morning with board games until the camp starts.

10 a.m: Presenter(s) will arrive. The presentations start with a  video/Powerpoint based on their respected culture. Followed by activities and language learning.

12:30 light Lunch: The meal will be from the culture of the day.  

1:30: Museum/Trip/Library to experience the culture of the days history. 

2:30: The arrive back at IIMD to interact with one another and talk about what they learned and socialize. 

Yes, the fee is 5$ an hour for one child. The hours for early drop off start at 8 a.m. We will hold your child for a late pick up until 6 p.m. 

 A pair of good sneakers, sunscreen, a hat, sunglasses, snacks and, entertainment incase they have to be picked up late. Oh and don’t forget an open mind!